Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Since last year, we decided we would have two dates alone each month, 1 date with all the kids a month, Then 'girl-boys' time with the kids(trading off). If Kirk has a date with Kendyl, then I have a date with the boys. Then we will do one on one time with the kids. This has been such a fun thing for the kids, and they really look forward to it.

Two weeks ago Kirk took Chase and Kendyl to the Blaze football game and the kids had a blast. They got a shirt that was thrown into the crowd which Kendyl wore this all night and to bed that day. (I would show you pictures but someone didn't want to worry about carrying a camera around!)

He always has something fun for them. Since I spend the most time with them and we are always doing stuff, he can't wait til the weekend or days he takes off to play.

It was D.D.D(Daddy Daughter Date) last weekend. Since Kendyl is our girly-girl tomboy, he knew she would love to go down to Tooele and go to the Miller Motor Sports Racetracks and watch the Speedbikes.

She was in heaven! They got to go down to the pits and check out all the bikes and cars. Kendyl even got to sit on one just her size!
Good ol' dad!


Bevany said...

That is so funny...since Keigan went four wheeling with Mike on Saturday that is all she talks about... How she wants her own four wheeler. We have some funny girls.

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

OO-wee!! This blog is so freakin' awesome that I'm not sure I'm worthy enough to post on it. Nice look, Auds.

simply kris said...

she is so flippin' cute.

Riding said...

I was going to take the boys to this. I did not feel like driving to Tooele though. Did Kirk think it was worth it? If so, we will probably go next year.