Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kendyl's Kindergarten Party

A week before Christmas, Kendyl's Kindergarten class had a Christmas party. They played musical chairs, played 'Merry' bingo(I made it, it was lame!)and made cupcakes. They also made Christmas Books with their pictures on the outside and questions that the kids answered with drawing pictures. And since its Kendyl's teachers first year teaching, I thought it would be nice to make her a Christmas book from her students along with their pictures. It turned out really cute.

Smalls came along and of course was the center of attention. He always is. He sure turns up the charm around those kids. I will have to post a picture of the followers that little kid has at that school. There's about 9 girls following his every move and fighting over who gets to hold him (ya, he's 3 1/2 and he lets them hold him). And 5 boys wanting Smalls to come follow them to play at the playground. Its actually pretty cute. He eats it up and I love watching him love it.

Anyway, as you can tell they had a blast. Glad I get to volunteer as much as I can to make these memories!

Monday, January 5, 2009

uncle PAUL & aunt STEPH are here!

This year we got so lucky to have so much family around over the holidays.

Unfortunately Jeff and Sarah's trip was cut short due to Owen getting sick. But we had a good long visit from Kirk's brother Paul, and his family. The bonus was their new little baby boy, Porter. Which if you ask any of the family,he is the stinkin' cutest baby.

We had dinner Christmas Eve with all the cousins in town for Christmas at the Laser's.


**The stinkin' cutest baby Porter James-2 months old**

**All the little cousins got 'CARS' pajamas**
**Just cute pictures of Smalls and his "Olib-Fingers"**
***Good ol' tradional Christmas Pajamas!***
Kendyl got High School Musical, Smalls got Cars, and Chase got Star Wars.

Tree Hunting

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, the Garfield's get together for breakfast and head up to Kapp's Farms and chop down our Christmas tree.

*Kendyl & Keigan cute as can be!
**Mia & Smalls finding the perfect tree!

Chase & Ian
This year, unfourtunetly wasn't successful in finding a decent....well a 'living' tree.

So the Roundy's, the Garfield's, the Carlson's and our family headed over to Robinson Tree Farm's in Layton and found our perfect and 'LIVING' tree!

All the cousins together! Its the best picture of the boys we were going to get and its missing Beckham and Owen. And then girl cousins. Can you pick out the cutest? (HINT-they are both on the ends!) It never ends with these two.

Dad and Mom checking to see if their tree is talking to them.

Junior Jazz

Besides playing the piano wonderfully, Chase hasn't really been interersted on doing anything else. When he started showing interest in Basketball, lets just say Kirk went a little nuts.

We signed him up for Jr. Jazz and he couldn't wait to start.
I didn't realize just how uncordinated little 7-8 year olds are at this game. But then again I'm a 27 year old and still am one of the most uncordinated person I know.

But he did great and had a fun time. And thats all that really counts. He can't wait for snow to leave so he can get back out on the courts to practice with his friends at school.
I can't wait either.

I am catching up

So yeah this will be my third and final time of coming on and saying 'its been a while'. For my 2009 resolutions, I am determined to be a blogger. I didn't set my sights high, knowing myself I know I won't be on here everyday. But I think at least once or twice a month is doable.