Sunday, December 9, 2007

What do I say....

You do realize that I was just teasing when I typed in "chickmunks" to go as "chipmunks". Not sure why, guess I've been saying 'chipmunks' wrong this whole time. I really thought they were 'chick-munks'.

Pretty sad when the poster I posted had it all written out and spelled correctly for me!

Alvin & The Chickmunks

So ladies, its that time I promised this Friday. The release of the highly acclaimed "Alvin and the Chickmunks"
Now Olivia, Keigan, and Kendyl this movie comes out this friday the 14th. I am thinking 2:30pm showing would be a fun afternoon.
Talk to your mom's and get back to me.
I'll get back to you on details when I know this can work out for you both.

So excited, I'm just "NUTS" about it!

Who's HUSBAND is this?

Someone else just joined the "crazies" club.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Temple Square

So last minute we decided to head down to Temple Square and check out the lights. It's been a few years since we've gone.
We called up Erik and Hilary to come along for the ride. Which, amazingly they wanted to join.

It was a bit nippy and a bit packed so we didn't stay very long..

But a fun evening.

We finished our evening off with a stop at Trolley Square at the Spaghetti Factory. The food was not so great, but fun to have the company.

He's just a Big Kid

ERIK OR 'EWIK' has become my kids new favorite toy. He's been a great new addition to our family.
How great to have 'Jo-Jo' our kids second(and at times first) Mother, be married to the best toy in the world!

Christmas Tree Hunting

Every year now, for the past few years, we've gone up to Mt. Green to cut down our Christmas Tree. We do this with my side and its been a fun tradition. Afterwords, we join at my mom's and have our bacon, eggs, mini french toast, and our 'Eric Stradas'.

It's been nice to have the family get together a little more offen this year then what we normally have done.

Good times!

(Dancing to G-PA's Tunes!)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I'm Thankful for...

So this year we wanted to go to St. George for the turkey day. But we went down a week earlier and thought with everything that had gone on (My grandma's funeral) we figured we would just stay up North.

We spend Thanksgiving with my folks, which ended up having all my family members joining who lived in Utah.(Not Jeff-Ce and OJ-Miss them!)

It was a full day of family, fun and of course FOOD!

Which leaves me with my title:
What I'm Thankful for...
which has always been family and friends. I include some very close friends, my family. There's nothing better then being able to rely and be with family. I look forward to these times spent with one another. I Really do. I love that I get to live close by my nieces and nephews and be apart of their lives. Thats why it breaks my heart that Sarah and Jeff don't live closer. But I am happy that they make as much effort as they can to come up.

Family is a great gift to have.

Zion's National Park

So the week before Thanksgiving, we had gone down to St. George for my Grandma's Funeral. I have no clue why but I still get a little emotional talking about her funeral. So I won't.

But on our way up, we decided to take a detour and head over to Zion's for a family hike(well EVERYONE came besides 'b' and 'e', which I am not sure why) I wished they came. But it was a great time. I want to continue with our family hikes. So starting Spring, we are gonna take a camping trip, with hopefully most of the family.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Who's CHILD is this?

What do I say?
As I look over the millions of photos I had taken on Thanksgiving.
I was amazed at how many 'beauties' I could find of my niece OLIVIA.
Now, she is know for this sort of Charm. But I couldn't believe how
many I had just within the five minutes of photo taking.
She's a Keeper!
So, who's child may this be?

ROUNDYRAGE is the page


Wednesday, November 28, 2007


So anyone who knows me, knows this is my favorite time of year and holiday. I normally think a year in advance of what my kids will be for the following year.
NOT this year. So I was a little disappointed in myself with their costumes. But it was what they wanted to be, so I guess that is all that matters!

Oh so I goes this way...

K-Totally confused there on how this layout should go. I thought every updated post would go underneath the one from before. I guessed wrong.
Story of my life!!
So as I continue with my updating with the past few weeks. I will post them correctly.
Here it goes.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Start of the End...

So this is it huh? It was really that simple?
Everyone and their dogs have told me "to do this thang" and so I did. (You are so very welcome Bevany June-I just know your face is with a smile!)

So...I'm thinking with my obsession of "The Hills", Lasting Impressions, texting, shopping for clothes my kids don't need and will never get around to wear more then once, organzing and re-organzing my never ending scrapbooking closet store(nothing compared to Erinne's), kids, my never ending photo taking, not sleeping(as it is 3:30 in the morning)
THIS...perhaps?....will probably go down as another obsession.
Not that I needed another one.
So that is why its the "Start of the End" for me!

**For those who have actually asked before. This is what you call "my initials!"

PS-Please understand my blog title. This was the number one reason why I wouldn't start one. I wanted something orginal and thought out. As I finally got into the process with a month worth of cleaver names for our blog, the first one took.(SWEET!!Plus it was my favorite!)
But now I am wondering if you'll even get it. So, DO YOU?
??-Did I spell cleaver right? clever maybe? Oh well, get use to it!
'Me don't spelt checked vary much'!