Monday, June 2, 2008

Memorial Day

Every year on Memorial Day, we wake up at 6am and head over to Kaysville Cementary to put up flags with my family. My father started this tradition...I am not even for sure when, but at least 10 years ago.
Now, usually as you know, I am just tucking myself into bed at this time, so you'd think this would not be my cup of tea. But actually every year besides one, I have gotten my family up and have gone. This year, I did in deed get up but it was raining. So instead of dragging the kids in the rain, Kirk went ahead (you know, I didn't want to be selfish like I always am, so I went ahead and thought of him.)
But we didn't want to miss out on all of it, so we showed up at the end. Which just so happened to be the breakfast at Granny Annie's!
But just to be fair, I paid for the kids and myself.
See, once again, thinking of others.
I am trying!

Then it was off to our yearly traditon with the Laser's on Memorial Day. We head up to Tremonton Cementary to put flowers by Kirk's grandmas grave and say hello.

Afterwords, we head over to this little diner for some lunch. This year is was packed so we headed towards home and stopped at this diner in Ogden.(I can't remember the name)

This year is was Grandma and Grandpa Laser and the Roundy's along with us. I 'got accidently placed' at the kids table. As I tried to get in with the convo the 'grown-up table' was having, I said "screw-it" and started playing with my food.

With all the grandkids with me, I told them if who ever ate all their food first, I would buy them a treat.

Boy, you never saw food fly off plates faster!!! So since they are all "winners" to me, I bought them all their choice of treat. Aren't I just the best! I think I am!
Does anyone read this or any of my blogs seriously? I hope when your reading it like the way I would say it.
Trust me, its alot more funnier!
Or maybe, thats just what I think....


Bevany said...

Yes, I read all your novels and I love them. Are you addicted to blogging yet?

kourtney said...

I think you are the best. So if we are out, and I eat of my food the fastest, can I get a treat. I promise to be good.

The Hartungs said...

if you mean reading your blog a 4:18 in the morning i totally get ya