Monday, June 2, 2008


Another year, another 'Day Out With Thomas' Memorial Weekend.

This was a good day with the kids. Smalls didn't freak out when we got there like I hoped. But instead, surprised us with how content he was to just sit on the train and stare outside at the tracks as we would go past everything.

Even after everyone got off the train, he just wanted to stay put and continue to look outside.

He loved also watching the toy trains go over and over the tracks. He was so quiet and observant of everything. Chase has always been so vocal over everything he saw. Smalls just soaked it all in.

We bought him a new Thomas(go figure!)train track set, Thomas shirt, and Thomas 100 piece puzzle(which is his obsession that last 6 months).

We also got our family picture taken by Thomas which Smalls ended up freaking out over cause he wanted to sit on the huge Thomas train and not stand in front. But the picture turned out as good as it was going to.

I got a bizzilan photos and video. Good long day, but totally worth it.
Until next year!


Bevany said...

I didn't even know you guys went to this. It looks like fun! I'm sure Smalls was freaking out on the inside.

The Hartungs said...

Oh man I'm so jealous of you for joey. We were down here apt. hunting and went back to MT that weekend. either that or we just missed it, can't member, it was what a couple weeks ago? wow my brains fried. and yes i have multipul brains.