Monday, June 2, 2008

Kendy Graduates from Preschool!

*Kendyl and her favorite friend at school, Tayler*
I can't really think if I am happy or sad. I am super sad my little girl is growing up and moving onto Kindergarten in the fall. But I am happy to not have to drive 30 minutes back and forth to take her to Montessori. But...I am doing it in the fall with Smalls, so I guess that part doesn't really matter.
So May 22nd, at the Clearfield Library they had their graduation. Ian and Maggie(cousins) both go to the Montessori so it was fun to watch them all up there singing(well...not really Maggie....or Ian.....OR KENDYL!) So I guess it was fun watching, no, starring at them while they stood up there.
*Kendyl's Favorite Teacher, Mrs. Winfrey(Maybe she's related to Oprah?..I should ask!)*

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