Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Hogle Zoo we will go!

I had the chance to join Chase's class at the zoo, May 20th. His class has been doing a series of field trips the last few weeks of school to different parts of town. This one we got to take the bus and bring lunch and go to the zoo.

I seriously was dreading it. Not sure why because I really do love being at Chase's class and really adore his teacher, Mrs. Heninger. But needless to say, I had a total blast.
In my group, was three boys. Chase, Wyatt and Ben. I was a bit nervous having all boys, but they were so good and we had such a fun time.

I was so happy that I went and had that time alone with Chase.(well, without Kendyl and Smalls) It was fun to watch Chase with his friends. I know I don't have much more time before I embarrass him when I come to these things so might as well take advantage


Every year Kirk goes to our wards annual 'Fathers and Sons'. Every year since he's gone, he's taken Chase. Well this year he was excited to take Smalls along. When he told me, I laughed to myself just thinking that this would be a big mistake Kirk would be making. But OF COURSE I wasn't going to stop him from taking him! And I also thought, how nice it will be to have Kirk see just what I am talking about with his major melt downs.
So off they went Friday, May 16th overnight to return Saturday around 1PM.
I couldn't wait to hear all about how Smalls had a fit over this, and he hit so and so, and wouldn't go to bed, and so forth. Then I wouldn't sound like I had been lying when he came home all those times telling him what a struggle he was that day.

NOPE! Not one bad thing!! He went on and on and how good and adorable he was the whole time. How people were telling him how great of a 3 yr old he is. He liked being with Chase and his friends, but loved being with Kirk and Grandpa sitting around. AND HE EVEN WENT UP TO KIRK AND TOOK HIS HAND AND TOLD HIM HE WANTED TO GO 'NIGHT-NIGHT'! Can you believe it? I am thinking its me! I am convinced its gotta be me!

St. Louis Cardinals

This year Kendyl asked us when she gets to start t-ball. Chase played two years ago and she couldn't wait to start playing. So we signed her up and made sure to tell a few of her friends to do the same.

We have a great team and its been lots of fun so far

Even though I don't see a future for Kendyl in 't-balling' she loves to go and gets so excited to play. (We think its more for the social then the physical)

Mother's Day

Oh MOTHERS DAY, how I love this day. Its the one day of the year, I can get away with anything and everything. When all the "Oh I forgot to tell you.." or "I didn't really only spend that but.." or my favorite "I bought.."
This year Chase was so excited to show me what he made me in his class that I woke up to a adorable stinky breathed blonde hair boy in my face, saying "mom, you up yet?".

The kids were all so excited to show me what they got and their cards they had written.

I found Chase's Mother booklet the cutest thing I have ever read. He was asked "My mom is beautiful as.." Which I thought it would be a 'butterfly, flower, or princess'.
Nope, "My mom is as beautiful as...MY DAD!"

The wonderful day continued with church, nap, playing with the kids and off to the Laser's for dinner done by Bruce. Which was the best teriaki chicken ever.
I also opened what looked like a letter from Kirk to find out it was order papers on the camera I have been wanting.
Very clever Kirk, very Clever.
This was a good day! Very good day!
Can't wait for next year!!!!

Grand Opening of Front Runner

My boys are so big on trains. Obviously Chase's obsession with Thomas has pretty much faded, but Smalls picked it right up a year ago. So we make sure to do some fun trips to Day Out of Thomas, Train Expo's, ride on trax(its train like, right?)

When we found out about the opening of the Front Runner April 26th, we had to go.

After three hours standing in the heat and in a huge line, which after looking back, realizing how thankful we were at our placement in line, we got on!

We drove down to the SLC Station and the train took us all the way to the Ogden Station and then back to SL.

The kids had a blast. I don't think Smalls took his face off of the window. He loved watching the tracks and how fast the train was going.
Glad we went, it was worth it.

Easter '08

This year for Easter was a blast. With 4 egg hunts, two of which were with the Laser's and then the Garfield's. Both a blast and with loads of treats
and money that will last for months.

The Easter Bunny also hopped himself/herself(who really knows which) our way and dropped goodies in all three of the kids' baskets along with some gifts.

This year, the Easter Bunny also thought it would be nice to leave out one for dad.
Which he enjoyed as well.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A little fall off of the ol' roof

So since I am having to round up my last 6 months of my life into a few short posts, I thought I would make a list of the exciting moments we've had. As this one is very far away from being an 'exciting' memory, but it was definitely a moment I will never forget.

*This was taken 5 weeks after falling, and with my camera phone*

First off, all of you probably know just how stubborn I can be. Well this was a lesson I needed to learn, just wish it happened a bit more gently.

Back in January we had a major snow storm, well several to be more like it. One morning I got up really early and noticed our dish not working. So I decided it would be a grand idea to hop on the roof to brush the dish off so our tv would work.

First time got down just fine, second time I wasn't so lucky. I got my feet on the garage roof to step onto the house roof which was only a two steps over, I noticed I was slipping and instead of slipping backwards and landing on my back onto our garbage can, I tried turning my body around.(you know my cat like reflexes) So I came down hard onto my ribs as I landed on the garbage and then bounced off that onto the concrete on the side of my head.
I was most likely knocked out for a bit because I don't remember much. I know when I got up I couldn't breath because I had the wind knocked out of me and then all the sudden I was inside sitting on my couch in shock with what just happened. I was in pain and had a major headache. But like I said, I am stubborn so I refused to go to the DR.
Well I continued to get worse. I didn't dare tell anyone because of how stupid I felt for even getting up there in the first place. My bruise was growing and getting bigger and it wasn't like any bruise I had ever seen. It wasn't like all sorts of colors but one solid purplish-blueish color. I was in immense pain and nothing like I had felt before. After speaking to my very wise father in law, I decided it would be best to get to the DR asap.
I surprisingly didn't break my ribs(well at first they thought, later found out I did), but from the fall onto my ribs on the garbage can and bouncing off, it had bruised my lungs and caused fluid to fill, which in return I got pneumonia and on top of that I had bronchitis too(I wasn't feeling well before this happened).
I had to see the DR every week for 6 weeks to see the progress. He was absolutely amazed that I hadn't done more. He see's a great deal of sports injuries and told me the likely injuries I should of sustained. I got all emotional thinking of how lucky I was and just how damn stubborn I am.