Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ya, I know its 4 in the morning!

Okay, I know!!! I'll be the first one to admit, I have a problem! I hate BEDTIME! Even Kirk still has to spell out "B.E.D.T.I.M.E" so I don't freak out!
Yes, I also know its sad that 'me don't spell well'. Thank goodness for spell check!
I don't know what it is with sleeping...really!

Don't get me wrong, I do look forward to the kids bedtime! Being able to spend time with Kirk, or catch up on some reality tv that I probably shouldn't be watching in the first place. And also what Kirk absolutely hates the most!

"Oh, so your catching up on the fake real people again!"

But the fact is, I need sleep. This is something I know I can't go to long without. I try and trust me, I can go a long while before I crash. Its like I start un-winding around 6pm and then 9-10pm rolls around and I am bouncing off the walls. Can't wait to start on that pile of laundry or organizing! I LOVE ORGANIZING!

Believe it or not I really do.(You'll believe me if you haven't been to my house, if so then I am sure you are wondering why I am lying). But the fact is, I am not big on picking up over and over and over, I'll leave it til that night when its one time.

But if you walk past the cars, trains, lego pieces, transformers, sippy cup, clothes, scrapbooking stuff, camera books, and probably myself who sits on the floor all the'll see behind that door is a very organized pantry, or medicine cabinet, or closet. I really don't know where to put my energy at times. So what do I do? I re-organize anything that really doesn't need to be.

Do any of you....
Organize the littlest things like legos or barbies smallest accesories?
If yes, do you color coordinate all of them, place them in baggies that is just small enough or large enough to hold all of that color along with the small baggies that have the tiny, same-colored pieces?
Or use clear tape to tape over barbies many magazines so they don't rip or loose their pages? Or can't stand when you find one of Skipper's shoes but not the other. But don't dare throw it away just encase that mini shoe that you probably sucked up in the vacuum, shows up?
Or what about games? Do you go through "Blues Clues, clues and find the blank clues cards to be very boring and decide to waste, oh... five hours of your late night coloring all 100 of them? And then going off and organizing all your face cards in color and order, to later have it dawn on you, that yeah, not such a smart thing since the next time you play, your going to be shuffling them?

If so, give me a call.
This was my night!

*About pictures, Top two are Kendyl, one of her crazy legs that she's had since she was born, second of her sleeping her normal self. She's always been a funny posed sleeper. Then Smalls and his dance skills. We got these pants from my sister in law and they were a bit small. Adorable but very VERY tight, so I decided to put some music on hike up his shirt and put a sweat band on. Then Smalls and just one of the many pictures of him putting things on his head. He does this so often we even have a file called "Does it fit?" Then to Chase.....which is the reason for the explanations of the pictures. After the 3rd person asking to explain I decided I would. Last year in Kindergarten Chase and Kendyl were bouncing on my bed. I told them to get off and of course they didn't. All the sudden I hear screaming and Chase coming out crying along with Kendyl. He was holding his eye and all he was telling me was "We bonked mom, we bonked". To quickly discover this massive swollen eyebrow caused by the back of Kendyl's head. It stayed this way for about a week and then he had a black eye for 2 months.
So of course, me as a happy camera snapper, I ignored consoling him and snapped away!
Such a sensitive mother!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Smalls turns 3!

My youngest is now officially 3! He's pretty much been 3 for three months or so since I just say he's 3 when people asked. Its easier to say that then "oh he's 2 1/2 and 3 months" cause that is how I would of said it.(I never do simple!)

Anywho, Yes, on Thursday June 5th, we woke up to a very happy and excited little boy!

A few nights earlier we noticed when people asked how old he was going to be, he wouldn't say anything. So we decided the night before to talk up this special day that he was going to have.

We told him about all the cool presents he would get and cake and friends that would come by. Also told him he was going to be 3. Which was the first thing we asked him when he woke up on his birthday.
He replied

Everything out of his mouth was excitement. Even after we opened a few gifts and dad had to leave to work, he said "YA DAD GOES TO WORK!"

He had a great birthday playing with his new stuff and having his cousins over. When dad got home, we went off to Chili's for some birthday dinner.

And since of course I swore off birthday parties since I did them all last year, we are having a small one for him next Monday. My arguement to Kirk was that all of Small's birthday parties have been big cause all the family members and kids come. This year, I wanted a very 3-4 year old party.

Well it worked! Post later on how that all went down!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


So like I said earlier in my blog that for Mother's Day I finally got my camera I've been dreaming about. This is something I want to take on as, I don't want to say a career, but want to pursue this more.

So I've taken on more and more with photography and new ways to take pictures and so forth. I've shadowed a wonderful photographer and am starting with another one. I am going to start taking on a few of his clients but need to get started on my book. Which I have started two years ago, but just didn't have the proper camera and lenses for it to be the best that I know it could be.
So onto my quest... My best and strongest photos are with kids and movement. But I want to expand my photograpy book and somehow I get the best photos with other peoples kids.

And I also want to take photos with different types of kids and ages. So if you are interested in me taking pictures of your kids, let me know!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Since last year, we decided we would have two dates alone each month, 1 date with all the kids a month, Then 'girl-boys' time with the kids(trading off). If Kirk has a date with Kendyl, then I have a date with the boys. Then we will do one on one time with the kids. This has been such a fun thing for the kids, and they really look forward to it.

Two weeks ago Kirk took Chase and Kendyl to the Blaze football game and the kids had a blast. They got a shirt that was thrown into the crowd which Kendyl wore this all night and to bed that day. (I would show you pictures but someone didn't want to worry about carrying a camera around!)

He always has something fun for them. Since I spend the most time with them and we are always doing stuff, he can't wait til the weekend or days he takes off to play.

It was D.D.D(Daddy Daughter Date) last weekend. Since Kendyl is our girly-girl tomboy, he knew she would love to go down to Tooele and go to the Miller Motor Sports Racetracks and watch the Speedbikes.

She was in heaven! They got to go down to the pits and check out all the bikes and cars. Kendyl even got to sit on one just her size!
Good ol' dad!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Chase has finished 1st Grade!


Last friday, May 29th was the last day of 1st Grade. I knew I was going to be sad but I didn't expect Chase to be.
The night before his last day, he told me he didn't want to go to bed. I asked him why, and he said, "Because then tomorrow won't be here and it won't be my last day of school."


Then all day we couldn't talk about it. He was so bummed! And for you who know him, know he's a very happy kid. So of course that got me more bummed out as well.
But then I told him that next year will be even sweeter. I said how when he returns to school in the fall, he will have had a killer summer, lots of swimming, sun, friends, and a trip to Wisconsin with his dad. So he will feel refreshed and excited and ready to start a new year. He'll be one year older and wiser and he can always go and see his 1st grade teacher and meet new friends and a new teacher to adore.


Beautiful Girls

Last week, which was the end of May, Kendyl and Chase were outside with our neighbors. Since I am not big on leaving them out by themselves, I went out and was doing my normal, looking through craft magazines, reading up on Photohop and playing with my new camera.
Everytime I am out there I tend to have a few followers. Which I adore. My wonderful neighbors have three adorable kids and one on the way. They're youngest who is Brooklyn is just the cutest. She sits with me and wants to know what I am doing, what I have been doing or where I got whatever I am doing. Then I have their oldest, Addie, asking me how I did my hair like that, that she loves my shoes or outfit,and tells me the cutest stories. (Now you understand why I love having them around)

It doesn't take me long to put away my stuff I'm doing and play with the girls.

This time we did hair and makeup. I had the girls play beauty shop and bought out Kendyl's camera so she and Addie could take pictures of one anothers 'glamour shots'.
Love having my adorable neighbors! Here's just a few from the past few months.








Monday, June 2, 2008

Memorial Day

Every year on Memorial Day, we wake up at 6am and head over to Kaysville Cementary to put up flags with my family. My father started this tradition...I am not even for sure when, but at least 10 years ago.
Now, usually as you know, I am just tucking myself into bed at this time, so you'd think this would not be my cup of tea. But actually every year besides one, I have gotten my family up and have gone. This year, I did in deed get up but it was raining. So instead of dragging the kids in the rain, Kirk went ahead (you know, I didn't want to be selfish like I always am, so I went ahead and thought of him.)
But we didn't want to miss out on all of it, so we showed up at the end. Which just so happened to be the breakfast at Granny Annie's!
But just to be fair, I paid for the kids and myself.
See, once again, thinking of others.
I am trying!

Then it was off to our yearly traditon with the Laser's on Memorial Day. We head up to Tremonton Cementary to put flowers by Kirk's grandmas grave and say hello.

Afterwords, we head over to this little diner for some lunch. This year is was packed so we headed towards home and stopped at this diner in Ogden.(I can't remember the name)

This year is was Grandma and Grandpa Laser and the Roundy's along with us. I 'got accidently placed' at the kids table. As I tried to get in with the convo the 'grown-up table' was having, I said "screw-it" and started playing with my food.

With all the grandkids with me, I told them if who ever ate all their food first, I would buy them a treat.

Boy, you never saw food fly off plates faster!!! So since they are all "winners" to me, I bought them all their choice of treat. Aren't I just the best! I think I am!
Does anyone read this or any of my blogs seriously? I hope when your reading it like the way I would say it.
Trust me, its alot more funnier!
Or maybe, thats just what I think....


Another year, another 'Day Out With Thomas' Memorial Weekend.

This was a good day with the kids. Smalls didn't freak out when we got there like I hoped. But instead, surprised us with how content he was to just sit on the train and stare outside at the tracks as we would go past everything.

Even after everyone got off the train, he just wanted to stay put and continue to look outside.

He loved also watching the toy trains go over and over the tracks. He was so quiet and observant of everything. Chase has always been so vocal over everything he saw. Smalls just soaked it all in.

We bought him a new Thomas(go figure!)train track set, Thomas shirt, and Thomas 100 piece puzzle(which is his obsession that last 6 months).

We also got our family picture taken by Thomas which Smalls ended up freaking out over cause he wanted to sit on the huge Thomas train and not stand in front. But the picture turned out as good as it was going to.

I got a bizzilan photos and video. Good long day, but totally worth it.
Until next year!