Monday, February 18, 2008


Owen-my beautiful nephew! Christmas Day, how can't you love this face?
IT'S CHRISTMAS!!(Well not really its almost the end of February, but we are pretending)
Well not really the end of February, but more like the middle of May now. I had typed this previously but didn't have my pictures up and saved so never posted. Now I have to post it cause it took me so gosh darn long to type. Enjoy!!!

The kids got spoiled, I got spoiled, so did Kirk. It was great. Instead of listing each and every gift they got. I will just list the one large gifts the kids got.

Chase's was a red(this was a huge deal to him)
Nintendo DS with a few games.

Kendyl's was a very adorable Girly Kitchen. (it was a gift for myself too since I had been collecting pretend food for a few years now)

Smalls a Motorized Jeep Wrangler. Fully loaded with donkey. His favorite character off of Shrek.
As for Kirk and I go, I won't bore you with our gifts either. I am always the one who over does it for Kirk on Christmas but this year I just didnt have the time to look around for him. But he sure spoiled me. Out of all of my gifts, my favorite ever, was "Wish apon a Star" DVD.
Back in Junior High my mom had I would go to a few different castings for movies or tv shows that were around town. She drove me every day for over a week way down town by West Jordan (actually Hunter) to Hunter High School to be apart of this movie. It was a great bonding time for my mom and I and alot of fun meeting all these new people.
I actually had a few cool things I had a chance to do. One of them was actually a small speaking part (more like scene) with Katherine Heigl. I got to roll my eyes and say "Gosh" as she ripped a flyer to a party at her house out of my hands.(I wasn't kidding when I said small!) Which of course I can't prove since this was cut. But you can ask my mom.
The second was being a 'stand in'. These are people that stand in for the actors while they go sit and get all dolled up. They need stand-ins to test lighting and camera shots that the actors will be doing. They choose you by how simular you looked to the actor, your height, hair coloring and size.
As I look nothing like Katherine and especially back then, they choose me to be a stand in for her. Just for this job I got 800 dollars the day I did it.

This movie was something I had wanted for over ten years. Something I had wanted to share with my kids and just have for myself as a positive memory. I have many scenes where you can see me, even if its just me walking past the camera or my head. But there was a scene with me dancing with 3 boys as the camera was on me for over 15 seconds!!

Anyways, to make a post that I meant to be much smaller, much to long. I will end.

Christmas was wonderful and memorable. I love this time to spend making memories with our families. And for our kids having wonderful time spending with their cousins.

Christmas PJ's

We always do Christmas pajamas for our kids. Kirk and I use to do it for one another but neither one of us could get what exactly each one wanted so we bagged it and focused on the kids.

Its amazing how we have done this every single year for them and still they are always wondering what the present is going to be that they get to open on Christmas Eve.

Maybe next year they will start seeing a pattern there.

Chase's Class Christmas Program

Chase's 1st Grade class along with the other first graders had a Christmas Program for students and family and friends.

So Grandma Kimmie, Grandpa Vance, Aunt Bevany, and his cousins Keigan and Mia came along to watch with Kirk, Smalls and I. (Kendyl was at Montessori)

As it always goes with kids, always hilarious to watch. Chase was one of the loudest and most serious singers as usual. We've discovered Chase's animated facial expressions that he normally make are much more dramatic when singing. (NOTED-The top picture of Chase pretending to pray very possesed)
Thanks to all you who came along. I know it meant a lot to Chase that he saw a bunch of family he loves.

Chaser and the "Chick"munks

It was a big hit with the kids. I was a tad bit bored but I am happy it all worked out in the end. We weren't planning on Chase coming along but happy he came to hear his and all the girl silly giggles over the chipmunks voices.
Can't wait for the next time we get together girls!!!

Where have I been, you ask??

I know its been a few months since I have blogged. With Christmas, New Years, Family things and My fall off of the roof, its been quite the last 3 months.

Well I'm back as promised to some of you..(my mom and bevany mainly)
I have loads of stories to catch up on telling you and pictures to go along.
Here we go.