Monday, January 5, 2009

uncle PAUL & aunt STEPH are here!

This year we got so lucky to have so much family around over the holidays.

Unfortunately Jeff and Sarah's trip was cut short due to Owen getting sick. But we had a good long visit from Kirk's brother Paul, and his family. The bonus was their new little baby boy, Porter. Which if you ask any of the family,he is the stinkin' cutest baby.

We had dinner Christmas Eve with all the cousins in town for Christmas at the Laser's.


**The stinkin' cutest baby Porter James-2 months old**

**All the little cousins got 'CARS' pajamas**
**Just cute pictures of Smalls and his "Olib-Fingers"**
***Good ol' tradional Christmas Pajamas!***
Kendyl got High School Musical, Smalls got Cars, and Chase got Star Wars.


Erinne said...

Holy s***!!! You finally updated the blog!

mama fish said...

The above statement echos my sentiment! Is it possible to have a stroke and a heart attack at the same time? I'm so proud of you for updating! I'm entering the world of texting and you the bloggers. Oh, how I have missed you!
P.s. Love all the pics and backgrounds, you are so talented.