Monday, January 5, 2009

Junior Jazz

Besides playing the piano wonderfully, Chase hasn't really been interersted on doing anything else. When he started showing interest in Basketball, lets just say Kirk went a little nuts.

We signed him up for Jr. Jazz and he couldn't wait to start.
I didn't realize just how uncordinated little 7-8 year olds are at this game. But then again I'm a 27 year old and still am one of the most uncordinated person I know.

But he did great and had a fun time. And thats all that really counts. He can't wait for snow to leave so he can get back out on the courts to practice with his friends at school.
I can't wait either.

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Bevany said...

OH my gosh, I didn't know he was playing Jr. Jazz! Keigan would die to come to one of his games. He looks so cute in his uniform. The blog looks great. Love all the new stuff you did.