Monday, January 5, 2009

Tree Hunting

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, the Garfield's get together for breakfast and head up to Kapp's Farms and chop down our Christmas tree.

*Kendyl & Keigan cute as can be!
**Mia & Smalls finding the perfect tree!

Chase & Ian
This year, unfourtunetly wasn't successful in finding a decent....well a 'living' tree.

So the Roundy's, the Garfield's, the Carlson's and our family headed over to Robinson Tree Farm's in Layton and found our perfect and 'LIVING' tree!

All the cousins together! Its the best picture of the boys we were going to get and its missing Beckham and Owen. And then girl cousins. Can you pick out the cutest? (HINT-they are both on the ends!) It never ends with these two.

Dad and Mom checking to see if their tree is talking to them.


Marie said...

Hi Auds,

I have you on my google subscriptions and every day I keep hoping to see a new post from you, so I'm quite happy, excited, and impressed that you've been blogging away. Between yours and Bevany's blogs, I've been able to see all the fun Christmas traditions the Garfield side has. It look like so much fun and having so many nieces and nephews in the fam looks even more fun. I'm glad all is well with the scare you had.

Riding said...

The picture of your Mom and Dad is priceless. Very, Very cute.

1 post a month is acceptable. I am going to be your blogging boss. You will have to answer to me otherwise, Missy!

Also, the digi backgrounds on your picture are so very mod, you go girl.