Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mother's Day

Oh MOTHERS DAY, how I love this day. Its the one day of the year, I can get away with anything and everything. When all the "Oh I forgot to tell you.." or "I didn't really only spend that but.." or my favorite "I bought.."
This year Chase was so excited to show me what he made me in his class that I woke up to a adorable stinky breathed blonde hair boy in my face, saying "mom, you up yet?".

The kids were all so excited to show me what they got and their cards they had written.

I found Chase's Mother booklet the cutest thing I have ever read. He was asked "My mom is beautiful as.." Which I thought it would be a 'butterfly, flower, or princess'.
Nope, "My mom is as beautiful as...MY DAD!"

The wonderful day continued with church, nap, playing with the kids and off to the Laser's for dinner done by Bruce. Which was the best teriaki chicken ever.
I also opened what looked like a letter from Kirk to find out it was order papers on the camera I have been wanting.
Very clever Kirk, very Clever.
This was a good day! Very good day!
Can't wait for next year!!!!

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