Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Every year Kirk goes to our wards annual 'Fathers and Sons'. Every year since he's gone, he's taken Chase. Well this year he was excited to take Smalls along. When he told me, I laughed to myself just thinking that this would be a big mistake Kirk would be making. But OF COURSE I wasn't going to stop him from taking him! And I also thought, how nice it will be to have Kirk see just what I am talking about with his major melt downs.
So off they went Friday, May 16th overnight to return Saturday around 1PM.
I couldn't wait to hear all about how Smalls had a fit over this, and he hit so and so, and wouldn't go to bed, and so forth. Then I wouldn't sound like I had been lying when he came home all those times telling him what a struggle he was that day.

NOPE! Not one bad thing!! He went on and on and how good and adorable he was the whole time. How people were telling him how great of a 3 yr old he is. He liked being with Chase and his friends, but loved being with Kirk and Grandpa sitting around. AND HE EVEN WENT UP TO KIRK AND TOOK HIS HAND AND TOLD HIM HE WANTED TO GO 'NIGHT-NIGHT'! Can you believe it? I am thinking its me! I am convinced its gotta be me!


Bevany said...

Did Kirk actually take pictures for you while they were there? How nice of him. It looks like they had a great time.

kourtney said...

Isn't that how it always is. When I have the kids--CHAOS, when Andy has them--ANGELS! Oh well. Can't wait til Andy can take Micah. I'm glad he has one boy to share that with.