Thursday, May 15, 2008

A little fall off of the ol' roof

So since I am having to round up my last 6 months of my life into a few short posts, I thought I would make a list of the exciting moments we've had. As this one is very far away from being an 'exciting' memory, but it was definitely a moment I will never forget.

*This was taken 5 weeks after falling, and with my camera phone*

First off, all of you probably know just how stubborn I can be. Well this was a lesson I needed to learn, just wish it happened a bit more gently.

Back in January we had a major snow storm, well several to be more like it. One morning I got up really early and noticed our dish not working. So I decided it would be a grand idea to hop on the roof to brush the dish off so our tv would work.

First time got down just fine, second time I wasn't so lucky. I got my feet on the garage roof to step onto the house roof which was only a two steps over, I noticed I was slipping and instead of slipping backwards and landing on my back onto our garbage can, I tried turning my body around.(you know my cat like reflexes) So I came down hard onto my ribs as I landed on the garbage and then bounced off that onto the concrete on the side of my head.
I was most likely knocked out for a bit because I don't remember much. I know when I got up I couldn't breath because I had the wind knocked out of me and then all the sudden I was inside sitting on my couch in shock with what just happened. I was in pain and had a major headache. But like I said, I am stubborn so I refused to go to the DR.
Well I continued to get worse. I didn't dare tell anyone because of how stupid I felt for even getting up there in the first place. My bruise was growing and getting bigger and it wasn't like any bruise I had ever seen. It wasn't like all sorts of colors but one solid purplish-blueish color. I was in immense pain and nothing like I had felt before. After speaking to my very wise father in law, I decided it would be best to get to the DR asap.
I surprisingly didn't break my ribs(well at first they thought, later found out I did), but from the fall onto my ribs on the garbage can and bouncing off, it had bruised my lungs and caused fluid to fill, which in return I got pneumonia and on top of that I had bronchitis too(I wasn't feeling well before this happened).
I had to see the DR every week for 6 weeks to see the progress. He was absolutely amazed that I hadn't done more. He see's a great deal of sports injuries and told me the likely injuries I should of sustained. I got all emotional thinking of how lucky I was and just how damn stubborn I am.

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