Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Grand Opening of Front Runner

My boys are so big on trains. Obviously Chase's obsession with Thomas has pretty much faded, but Smalls picked it right up a year ago. So we make sure to do some fun trips to Day Out of Thomas, Train Expo's, ride on trax(its train like, right?)

When we found out about the opening of the Front Runner April 26th, we had to go.

After three hours standing in the heat and in a huge line, which after looking back, realizing how thankful we were at our placement in line, we got on!

We drove down to the SLC Station and the train took us all the way to the Ogden Station and then back to SL.

The kids had a blast. I don't think Smalls took his face off of the window. He loved watching the tracks and how fast the train was going.
Glad we went, it was worth it.

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The Hartungs said...

that lasst photo of smalls is priceless. he liked the train so much he wanted a taste of it!