Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not 4 am anymore.

Gees guys! Didn't realize or fully understand the amount of people who truly want to know my every moment in life. Thanks though for the concern. Usually I don't have a lot to blog about because I am a blob type of person. Then when it does and I have loads to talk about, then I never find the time to blog. I guess thats life for now. I will up date with loads of pictures, birthdays, anniversaries, community service projects we've done, and so forth.
Okay i should stop for now....I am working on my I have taken my crazy sleeping pills. So probably shut this off for now.


KT said...

It's about time Auds! Kidding, you are a busy lady, but it's nice to hear what ya'all have been up to every now and then!


Candice said...

Hey Auds,

I don't know where you have been- anyway, we had Charlie Hudson on Wednesday. He's cute.
hear from you soon?!

kourtney said...

aaaaah! you're back! I live 10 minutes from you and it's amazing that we are realtionship retarded. No email, no blog, no phone, and no person. I really need to work on this!

simply kris said...

miss you Audrey. we need to hang.