Monday, February 18, 2008

Chase's Class Christmas Program

Chase's 1st Grade class along with the other first graders had a Christmas Program for students and family and friends.

So Grandma Kimmie, Grandpa Vance, Aunt Bevany, and his cousins Keigan and Mia came along to watch with Kirk, Smalls and I. (Kendyl was at Montessori)

As it always goes with kids, always hilarious to watch. Chase was one of the loudest and most serious singers as usual. We've discovered Chase's animated facial expressions that he normally make are much more dramatic when singing. (NOTED-The top picture of Chase pretending to pray very possesed)
Thanks to all you who came along. I know it meant a lot to Chase that he saw a bunch of family he loves.

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Bevany said...

Keigan STILL talks about going to Chase's program. Thanks for inviting us. It was fun to be there!