Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Start of the End...

So this is it huh? It was really that simple?
Everyone and their dogs have told me "to do this thang" and so I did. (You are so very welcome Bevany June-I just know your face is with a smile!)

So...I'm thinking with my obsession of "The Hills", Lasting Impressions, texting, shopping for clothes my kids don't need and will never get around to wear more then once, organzing and re-organzing my never ending scrapbooking closet store(nothing compared to Erinne's), kids, my never ending photo taking, not sleeping(as it is 3:30 in the morning)
THIS...perhaps?....will probably go down as another obsession.
Not that I needed another one.
So that is why its the "Start of the End" for me!

**For those who have actually asked before. This is what you call "my initials!"

PS-Please understand my blog title. This was the number one reason why I wouldn't start one. I wanted something orginal and thought out. As I finally got into the process with a month worth of cleaver names for our blog, the first one took.(SWEET!!Plus it was my favorite!)
But now I am wondering if you'll even get it. So, DO YOU?
??-Did I spell cleaver right? clever maybe? Oh well, get use to it!
'Me don't spelt checked vary much'!


Bevany said...

YAY!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!! I told you it was easy. Just wait...you will be just as obsessed as I am. Thanks for making me feel like a crazy blogger. Such a cute blog. I love it!!!

Brian said...

So what does AGL stand for?

Erinne said...

I think AGL stands for "angry girl's life" or "I love to copy my older sister". You decide. What do you think, AGL? Funny entry by the way. I'm just glad that your misspelling of "clever" was "cleaver" (remember Beaver Cleaver) and not "cleavage".